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Shop, Sip and Mingle with Colorado’s finest craft, fashion, and art-makers at Stapleton Holiday BAZAAR. The BAZAAR pops up for one full weekend (including Black Friday and Small Business Saturday) at The Shops at Northfield, featuring over 60 innovative craft vendors & fashion trucks sharing their creations just in time for the holiday shopping season!

60+ Local Vendors
Food & fashion Trucks
Holiday themed fun

Event hours are subject to slight changes.
8260 Northfield Blvd, Denver, CO 80238


All Vendors must participate in all three days of Stapleton Holiday BAZAAR, no exceptions.
There are no pop-up tents or tent frames allowed inside of this event. Electricity is provided.
Corner Booths are extremely limited at this event, please email to be considered for a corner booth upgrade.

10x10 Booth Space is reserved for local independent businesses selling creative crafts, food, fashions & more. Can be handmade or collected (vintage / thrift) items. Must be locally owned and operated in Colorado.

5x10 Shared Booth Space is limited. These booths are for local vendors who want to creatively use a smaller space.

6x2 Space is the smallest booth space we have available. This space fits only one 6ft table and is for local vendors with small products or limited inventory.

Fashion Truck Space is reserved for boutiques on wheels. These spots will be located right outside of the main entrance to the BAZAAR.

Food Truck Space is by invitation only. Please email to be considered.

Marketing / Promotional Booths: A limited number of promotional booths are available per event. Please reach out to for pricing and availability. DO NOT PURCHASE a vendor booth below.


  1. Scroll down to view vendor options for Stapleton Holiday BAZAAR 2019.

  2. "Add To Cart” the booth size you would like to register for.

  3. Complete the check-out process by clicking the "Cart" button at the top right hand corner of the page, filling out the vendor registration form, and submitting your payment. 

  4. You will receive a payment confirmation email and a charge on your credit card.

  5. Upon review by Denver Bazaar's Vending Team, you will be notified if you have been selected to participate at Stapleton Holiday BAZAAR 2019. If your vendor booth space is denied, you will receive a full refund.

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VENDOR PRICING INCREASES $25 ON October 15th and November 15th. Sign up early for the best price, while supplies last!

stapleton holiday bazaar VENDOR F.A.Q.

If you have additional questions after reviewing the FAQ below, please email us at

What is Stapleton Holiday BAZAAR?

Shop, Sip, and Mingle with Colorado’s finest craft, fashion, and art makers at Stapleton Holiday BAZAAR. The BAZAAR pops up for one full weekend at The Shops at Northfield, featuring over 60 innovative craft vendors & fashion trucks sharing their creations just in time for the Holiday Shopping season.

Where is Stapleton Holiday BAZAAR?

Stapleton Holiday BAZAAR will be located in a currently vacant storefront on the main street of The Shops at Northfield mall. This event is held mainly indoors, with Food & Fashion Trucks located right outside.

Stapleton Holiday BAZAAR Hours:
Event hours are subject to slight changes.

What do vendor booths include?

Each booth price includes a listing on Denver BAZAAR’s website and discounted pricing on drink tokens. All vendors must be self-sufficient and are responsible for bringing their own tents, tables, furniture, power strips and décor to create a unique and inviting pop-up shop.

How can I apply as a sponsor?

Please email for more information.

Am I guaranteed a vendor spot by submitting payment?

As always, we are a curated event. By submitting payment for Stapleton Holiday BAZAAR, that shows us that you are ready and able to join us, November 29 - December 1. However, that does not guarantee you will be selected to participate in the event. All vendors will be notified of final acceptance. Applicants who have been denied will receive an immediate refund. 

Can I share a booth?

Yes! We love co-op style booths. We do not limit the number of vendors per booth. Please include all involved vendors in your application for approval. There is no charge to share a 10x10 booth.

Additionally, you may now register for a 5x10 shared booth space and you will be paired up with another vendor to share a 10x10 space.

If you apply for a 10x10 space without a booth partner and would like to add one later on, you must email with the update and have the shared booth partner approved.

What is your cancellation, refund & transfer policy?

Vendors will have 48 hours after they are accepted to cancel their booth for Stapleton Holiday BAZAAR and receive a full refund. After the cancellation period, we cannot offer any refunds, only booth fee transfers for a future event. Any cancellations within two weeks of the event start date will not get a refund or future event credit.

Will electricity and Wi-Fi be available during the event?

Electricity is provided for this event. Please plan to bring power strips and at least one 25 ft. extension cord to access electricity.

There is no WiFi is available at Denver BAZAAR events. Please be prepared to accept sales in offline mode for credit card sales. Alternatively, you can use your cell phone as a hotspot.  

How does vendor load-in work?

Due to Thanksgiving, we will start vendor load-in for this event on Monday, November 25th. Limited load-in hours will be available on Friday, November 29th. Accepted vendors will be notified with more detailed load-in instructions at least two weeks prior to the event. Vendor

How are vendor spaces assigned?

Spaces are assigned at the direction of the Denver BAZAAR team. At least two weeks prior to the event vendors will be emailed space location and load in instructions. Unfortunately, we do not accept requests for booth locations.

Vendor Agreement

Each vendor will be required to sign our 2019 Vendor Agreement via DocuSign and upload proof of insurance, business license and sales tax license before participating in their first event with Denver BAZAAR. Vendors will only need to sign a contract once in 2019 if they plan to vend at more than one event.

Do I need insurance or a business license to be a vendor?

Yes, you will need proof of insurance, business license and sales tax license in order to vend at Stapleton Holiday BAZAAR. You can acquire per-event insurance HERE or HERE. Proof of insurance is required to be uploaded upon signing the Vendor Agreement. 

How many people do you anticipate will be in attendance?  

We believe a minimum of 4,500 visitors will come shop over the course of the weekend.  It's possible the number will be quite a bit larger than that.