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Vinegar Shrubs

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Welcome to the fun side of vinegar with Rocky Mountain Vinegar Shrubs! What is a shrub? Vinegar shrubs can be used as a cocktail (or mocktail) mixer, salad dressing, or delicious marinade and have all the probiotic benefits of apple cider vinegar.

  • Cherry Bomb (16 oz) - A deliciously rich cherry extravaganza. Dark cherry juice with a hint of ginger.
  • Wild Ginger (16 oz) - Big!  Bold!  And in your face ginger flavor.  Just right for a Kentucky mule or a Dark & Stormy cocktail, or to spice up your bubbly water.
  • Lemon Drop (16 oz) - For the lemon lovers out there, this is for you.  Bright, sassy and pucker up playful.  Lovely with Vodka and a terrific way to jazz up your fish dish.
  • Cranberry Crush (16 oz) - Cranberry and orange will make a splash in any cocktail. Or, create an outstanding salad dressing that will make your mouth water.

Rocky Mountain Vinegar Shrubs is located in Arvada, CO. All of their products contain organic apple cider vinegar from Delicious Orchards in Hotchkiss, CO, and organic sugar and juice. For recipes and to learn more, check them out here.