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Rocky Mountain Soda (4-pack)

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All natural, Colorado-inspired soda made proudly in Denver using only 4 ingredients (and you can pronounce every single one of 'em!). Available in 4-packs of 12 oz bottles.

  • Boulder Birch Beer – A creamy birch beer with hints of vanilla, maple syrup and wintergreen that will likely inspire memories of years gone by.

  • Breckenridge Blackberry – A wonderfully light and crisp berry soda that is as fresh as the Spring and comforting as the morning sun.

  • Buena Vista Black Cherry – Bold and tasty, a Rocky Mountain Soda favorite!

  • Colorado Cola - An all natural cola that is unique yet nostalgic. Starts with a smooth vanilla flavor that highlights the cola body and finishes with a wild cherry taste.

  • Evergreen Elderberry  An indigenous berry to the Rocky Mountains that has a rich, earthy flavor that is unmistakable, unparalleled, yet somehow familiar.

  • Golden Ginger Beer  Refreshing, yet powerful enough to stand up to the strongest mule kicks. They infused the final product with natural lime extract and a touch of pepper for an unmistakable heat. 

  • Grand Mesa Grape  Lightly sweetened soda, so that only the true complexities of grape shine through. Enjoy the round and robust grape flavor that Grand Mesa Grape so uniquely provides.

  • Loveland Lemon-Limeade  A naturally cloudy soda with a deliciously sweet start and a refreshingly tart finish.

  • Old Centennial Orange Cream  Lusciously sweet and juicy orange flavor, and just the right amount a velvety cream to create the perfect balance of a classic summertime flavor.

  • Palisade Peaches & Cream – A delicious blend of ripe peaches smoothed out with a luscious cream finish.

  • Pike’s Peak Prickly Pear – Inspired by the exotic flavor of the prickly pear cactus fruit. We use the sweet juice of the prickly pear cactus fruit to create a refreshing soda that is unlike anything you have enjoyed before.

  • Rocky Mountain Root Beer  Think warm vanilla and caramel notes that glide along a creamy cloud of delicious sassafras flavor. Add a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg to give a grounded earthiness that ends with a spicy finish.

Rocky Mountain Soda Co.
 makes the highest quality, most unique soda in the world - it just happens to also be all-natural, non GMO, gluten-free, kosher, and vegan. They custom craft each of their flavors in small batches and package every bottle by hand the day it is made.