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Fancy Cheese Box

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We put four of our all-time favorite cheeses together, from our amazing partner Cheese Importers of Longmont. This one is ready for any affair you may be having!

Brie 60% Belle de France - Our always fresh, hand-selected house brie that is buttery, creamy and just how it should be.

Manchego 6 month pasteurized – a must for everything!! Great on sandwiches, a board for appetizers, or by itself.

Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar – Made in the lush northwest this cheddar is very moist for its sharp aged nature and has those little “crunchy crystals” in every bite!

Parrano from Holland – called the cheese that thinks it is Italian! It is an aged Gouda that has hints of Swiss-type cheeses and the Italian Parmesans that you will find intriguing and will haunt your taste buds days after enjoying it

The curated cheese boxes are a collaboration between LittleJohn Produce Box Project and Cheese Importers of Longmont.