Elevated Mushrooms

Gourmet Mushrooms

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Gourmet mushrooms are an easy, low-fat way to elevate your cooking and add flavor to your favorite dishes! Quantities are limited per pickup location.


  • Gourmet Chestnut (8oz) - $8
    • The mild earthy flavor has notes of a peppery finish, and the texture excites an average dish with variation. It excels in miso and other broth soups; or add it to stir fry, or substitute into your favorite sauce recipe. It can also be seared with garlic and oil or butter and added atop a salad or in spring rolls.
  • Gourmet Oyster Medley (8oz) - $8
    • Oysters are excellent in stir fries, soups and sauces. Their mild and delicate texture pairs well with steak, chicken and seafood.
  • Gourmet Lion’s Mane (8oz) - $8
    • Has a shellfish-like flavor and crab-like texture. Excellent sautéed on its own, used to make vegetarian crab cakes or tossed in with your favorite pasta. The possibilities are endless!
  • Gourmet Porcini Powder (1oz) - $10
    • Add rich, savory umami to steaks, burgers, soups, greens, pastas and more!
  • Gourmet King Oyster (8 oz) - $8
    • Has a firm and meaty texture with a mild and elegant flavor. Can be used as a meat substitute in your favorite dishes. Excellent as a pasta, pizza topping, when cut thick can be cooked like a sea scallop, when shredded it can be made into faux-pork tacos.

Elevated Mushrooms is a small gourmet mushroom farm based in Englewood, CO, passionate about providing the finest artisan gourmet and medicinal mushrooms possible.