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Infused Sea Salts

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Liven up meats, vegetables, pastas, and even cocktails with infused sea salts from glow + gather! All salt blends come in a 3.5 oz stackable tin jar. 

  • Chili Lime- Add heat and a touch of tartness to your dishes with our chili lime French grey sea salt blend for a spicy treat. Our chilis are garden-harvested and hand selected to ensure a spicy blend.
  • Lemon Garlic- Tart and aromatic, this Mediterranean Sea Salt is a garlic lover's favorite!
  • Rosemary- French grey sea salt with garden-harvested rosemary to brighten your meals.
  • Caprese- Adds the perfect blend of sweet and savory to your dishes with garden-harvested tomatoes and basil infused with balsamic vinegar in the highest-quality French grey sea salt. (+ $0.50) 

glow + gather hopes to inspire joyful living and gatherings with friends and family to celebrate moments - large and small. All products are handcrafted in small batches with garden-harvested ingredients for a farm to table experience.