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Mac & Cheese

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FishSki Provisions Mac & Cheese is both easy and delicious! Each 6 oz package makes 2 servings and is packed in recyclable, portable and packable, weather resistant bags.

  • Hatch Green Chile Mac and Cheese (Mild)Hatch Green Chile, Garlic, and Cheddar Mac and Cheese, FishSki’s OG Flavor and Fan Favorite! A medium spicy delight, full of Southwestern flavor. Taste the incredible subtle sweet, smoky, crisp taste of green chile from New Mexico's Hatch Valley.

  • Hatch Red Chile Mac and Cheese (Very Mild) – Hatch Red Chile, Bell Pepper, Garlic, and Cheddar Mac & Cheese. Taste the Mountain Southwest with New Mexico Hatch Red Chile, famous for a very mild heat level and a unique, subtly sweet yet slightly smoky flavor.

FishSki Provisions is committed to making the best tasting Mountain Southwest foods possible and using their business to conserve and protect outdoor heritage: 3% of every sale is donated to local conservation or access efforts that improve fishing and/or skiing.